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Portraits of contemporary dance makers and their work

These portraits guide you through contemporary dance in Flanders and Brussels. What type of movement material or body images are the makers looking for? What themes form common threads running through their oeuvres? How do they work with movement, time and space? A dozen critics and essayists use text and video to position our main choreographers in this landscape. In doing so they take visitors - from novices to experienced dance lovers - by the hand to examine dance itself. An invitation to also discover the diversity of contemporary dance in Flanders.

Each selection is unfinished and not all the relevant choreographers have already taken their place in this overview. This series of portraits will steadily grow in the future.

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Contemporary dance from Flanders and Brussels

Vader, Peeping Tom (c) Herman Sorgeloos

Credits image: Vader © Herman Sorgeloos, Peeping Tom

Flanders Arts Institute invited Charlotte De Somviele to offer a bird's-eye view on contemporary dance in Flanders. 

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